Updating Your Tree

Sometimes there are changes that need to be made to a tree after an order is completed. This may include additions of branches, spelling corrections, or background color changes. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Get Started

Follow the steps to the left, starting with the Update Tree Form.

Pricing Information

This is a list of our current pricing. All pricing is subject to change.

  • Adding new names or branches

    If the tree contains leaves, the cost is $10 + $1 for each branch added.
    Otherwise, if there are no leaves on the tree cost is $5 + $1 for each branch added.

  • Changing the background/font colors$5

  • Fixing spelling error$5

    This fee applies to any minor change after the sample has been been approved.

  • Adding leaves$25

  • Reprints
    8x10: $6 11x14: $10 16x20: $18

  • Shipping and Handling$9

    This fee will apply only if new prints are requested. If you requested a digital copy of your tree, there is no handling fee.